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Gamma Give Back!

Gamma give back!

This term is in full swing and so is Hi-Tech Horizons. Hi-Tech Horizons aims to reach 50,000 students over the next 5 years, giving students the opportunity to directly engage with business professionals from pioneering hi-tech businesses.

Gamma helped deliver our first workshops, to Year 8 at Little Heath school, in Reading last month and had a fantastic time, one volunteer said,

I loved giving back to the community, it made me feel like I’d accomplished something good and gave students a head start on their way to a career in technology.”

Gamma ran two challenges over two days for Year 8, changing the student’s perception about the stereotypical roles within technology companies, it was very clear from our evaluation data that the students enjoyed the challenges and were engaged throughout the day.

A new experience in which my head has been filled with ideas and my eyes have been opened.”


One of the best workshops ever!”


Gamma told us why they got involved, “We partnered up with EBP to help inspire our next generation into Hi-Tech careers. The skills and strengths that young people possess are extremely well placed to have a dramatic and positive impact on the Skills Shortage. It’s vital that we tap into those skills from a young age to show young people just how well they are suited for this sector.”

Next week Hi-Tech Horizons ventures out to another two schools with two more pioneering hi-tech businesses, so watch this space to see what we get up to!

If your business would like to get involved in Hi-Tech Horizons, it’s not too late, give us a call on 01635 279277 or email

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