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A Week Of Hi-tech…

A week of hi-tech…

Last week saw us delivering, four days of impactful, Hi-Tech Horizon workshops to Year 8 students from St Johns School, Marlborough and The Downs School, Compton.

St Johns were joined by Rosalind Franklin Institute and The Downs by Space Store and both schools made the most of the opportunity and had an amazing time.

 “I really enjoyed myself and understood things I didn’t think I would.”

Student from The Downs

A volunteer from Space Store, added, “It was amazing to be able to inspire young people into engineering and science, as well as raising awareness about the industry”.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Smith, explains why we created this programme, “We created this programme to meet the needs of Thames Valley hi-tech companies and to inspire young people, by showing them what working in this leading-edge sector is like and to showcase the array of opportunities available on their doorsteps.”

“I understand DNA better and how cool it is to work in a tech company”

Student from St Johns

Rosalind Franklin Institute, explains their involvement, “We are delighted that our involvement in EBP’s Hi-Tech Horizons programme will enable us to reach 10,000 young people a year and demonstrate that roles in Hi-Tech are the future. By engaging directly with students and showcasing our work we will be able to increase their understanding of human health and disease, showcase the impact they could have by joining the sector and become part of making a real tangible difference.”

Watch this find out who and where Hi-Tech Horizons takes us next!

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