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We Help Local Business Grow Their Involvement With Local Students!

We help local business grow their involvement with local students!

For the second year running we have worked with Westcoast Ltd, one of the UK’s largest IT distributors, based in Theale to engage and inspire students at Theale Green Secondary School about jobs and roles in the technology sector.

Last year, we helped Westcoast develop a programme to benefit and appeal to Westcoast employees and local Year 8 students. This year we ran the successful Year 8 programme and expanded it to develop a similar programme for Year 10 students, where they learnt all about the world of business, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to develop and improve business planning and presentation skills.

Jane, Developing Skills Manager, said, “It’s so important for young people to have these invaluable experiences with outside professionals, and learn what the world of work is like and what it involves. Employees are able to give something back to their local community, develop their skills and share their expertise and students really engage with fresh ideas and things that can relate to in the real world.”

Find out more from the Managing Director of Westcoast Ltd, Alex Tataham on what he thinks about working with us and how we could help support your business or school with something similar.




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