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Alex Tatham – Managing Director, Westcoast Ltd

Alex Tatham, Managing Director of Westcoast shares the key to businesses successfully engaging with young people.

Q. Do you feel it’s important for businesses to support our future workforces’ education and teach them about the world of work?

I don’t just think it’s important, I think it’s absolutely essential! When I see all the work Westcoast have put into Theale Green, I can see how influential it is, much more influential than any teacher!

Westcoast has recently established a programme, in conjunction with Education Business Partnership (EBP), to inspire students at Theale Green Community School to ‘get into tech’, can you tell us a bit more about this.

 Q. What are the aims of the programme?

Our aim when we were first approached was to try and influence girls into technology and select STEM projects at GCSE. The project extended to the whole of year eight.

Q. Why did Westcoast want to get involved?

I have a passion for getting people into technology but I also have passion for education. I think the only way out of poverty is education, the most important thing our Government can invest in.

Q. What impact has the programme had on Westcoast employees?

We’ve had a number of Theale Green alumni going back into their old school. I think you will see more people volunteer next year because the noise and mood music around the company has been so exciting.

Q. Why did you choose to work with EBP?

It’s good to be professional when approaching schools, you will need help! We were lucky as a lot of this was already in place through EBP. The introductions, professionalism and the ability to work together was invaluable. EBP have a wealth of experience and could steer us and guide us to create a really successful programme.

Q. Will you be doing the programme again?

I certainly would, I anticipate lots of students possibly ending up working at Westcoast. We would also be delighted to help schools further afield.
It’s a lovely way of giving back to society and it’s good for our company too! We are the largest privately owned business in the Thames Valley, it’s an opportunity for brand awareness for Westcoast with people I really want brand awareness with…our children!

Q. What message would you give young people who are unsure of where to go in the future?

I wish I’d been more influenced and had the opportunities that the EBP offer. I always say never ever close doors for yourself, be flexible. I can guarantee one thing, the career you thought you would have at school is not the career you will end up with in 50 years’ time!

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