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What is a bespoke programme?

We work with organisations to design and deliver programmes tailored to their individual objectives. A recent example of one such programme is the Year 8 in Technology programme we have designed and delivered in partnership with Westcoast.

Through the programme Westcoast wanted to:

  • Engage with local schools
  • Inspire young people to work in the technology sector and influence their subject choices
  • Raise awareness of Westcoast and the type of job opportunities they offer

We worked in partnership to create a successful three-day programme to help Westcoast achieve their objectives.

  • The programme was aimed at Year 8 students who are about to make their subject choices for GCSE
  • The programme consisted of three sessions spread over the summer term. Each session consisted of a 2-hour challenge, supported by Westcoast employees (volunteers)
  • Each session was run twice to maximise the number of students involved
  • Day 1 focussed on products and marketing
  • Day 2 focused on job roles, skills and qualities
  • Day 3 focussed on technology of the future

The programme met Westcoast’s objectives so well that it was extended to include more schools in the second year of delivery and Westcoast worked with us to develop another programme stream to engage Year 10 students as well.

Watch the video below to find out why Alex Tatham, Managing Director of Westcoast, chose to work with us.

Over 90% of the students said they were inspired and motivated by the programme following each challenge day

83% increase in the knowledge about the different jobs in a technology company

“EBP have a wealth of experience and could steer us and guide us to create a really successful programme.”

Alex Tatham, Managing Director – Westcoast Ltd


“I am now more confident in talking in front of an audience and realise how my skills and strengths can help me find a job I enjoy and am good at”

Student, Theale Green School

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