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A list of funding options available to schools looking to book an EBP workshop for their students.



FundEd is an incredible initiative that supports schools throughout the entire fundraising process. Schools can browse their comprehensive grant database and take advantage of their fundraising consulting services.

Funding available: Dependent on individual grant applications.

How EBP meets the funding requirements: EBP provide educational workshops to primary, secondary and post-16 educational institutions.


Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding that is given to schools with the purpose of raising attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Funding available: £985 – £2410 per pupil. Allocations are made based on pupil circumstances.

How EBP meets the funding requirements: EBP specialises in providing high-impact personal development and attainment raising interventions that help students overcome the barriers to effective learning.


Uni Connect

The Uni Connect programme works with schools and colleges within their “hubs” to raise student attainment and make them aware of the higher education opportunities available to them.

Funding available: £30 million for the 22/23 academic year, shared between 29 Uni Connect hubs.

How EBP meets the funding requirements: Our attainment raising interventions empower students to take control of their learning by introducing them to a wide variety of innovative and multi-sensory ideas and techniques.


Education Endowment Foundation

The EEF funds research and programmes that have the potential to raise the attainment and wider educational outcomes for 2-19 year olds.

Funding available: Funding is available to any organisation working within an educational setting. This includes schools, colleges, MATs, charities and local authorities.

How EBP meets the funding requirements: EBP develop workshops and sustained intervention programmes that focus on both raising attainment and general mental wellbeing.



Grants4Schools is a database of available funding to schools for programmes that benefit the education of young people and the CPD of teachers and education professionals.

Funding available: Wide variety of funding available

How EBP meets the funding requirements: EBP provide a wide range of attainment raising and personal development interventions, as well as CPD workshops and inset days.

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