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‘Further to any part-time jobs, by the age of 16, every pupil should have at least one experience of a workplace. By the age of 18, every pupil should have one further such experience’

The Gatsby Benchmarks – Jan 2018

Each year we work with our extensive network of employers to source both pre- and post-16 work experience placements for nearly 1,000 students from schools and colleges across North Hampshire, West Berkshire and Swindon. The placements we source help young people develop their employability skills while gaining an insight into working life and potential career opportunities. Students on vocational courses also gain the required first-hand experience to support their studies.

We take great pride in tailoring placements to individual students via our fully-managed service, which includes school visits, application forms, student interviews and pre-placement checks.

Work experience placements help to inspire young people about their future career, as well as encouraging:

  • Increased motivation, self-awareness and confidence
  • Better communication, organisation and social skills
  • Enhanced awareness of the work environment
  • Positive attitudes to work

We make the process as simple as possible for the school/college and students. We agree work experience dates and a project plan with the school/college.

We brief students on the process and help prepare them for their placement. Each student completes an application form and our team uses the information provided (and follow up interviews) to help inform the type of placement we source for each individual. Students are then matched as closely as possible to a placement. We provide each student with a bespoke placement description (compiled in partnership with the employer).

When placements are complete, we meet with the school to discuss the process, placements, evaluation data, gain feedback and celebrate successes.

I had the opportunity to shadow industry experts in video production and editing at the Vodafone studio. I learnt how to use different software that i’ve never used before when editing a short film/video as well as understanding how to operate a 4k camera. I learnt loads in such a short period of time.” Louis, Vodafone HQ placement.

Vocational work placements

Years 10-13

Placements, tailored to curriculum needs and career aspirations, offer students a block placement (1 week) or extended placement (work experience spread over a period) to support student’s studies and courses.

Sixth form placements

Years 12-13

Placements that support either a specific curriculum need or give each student an insight to a possible career direction.

Motivational work placements

Years 10-13

Placements designed to support students who need something extra to motivate them at school. Placements can be for a working week or over an extended period, tailored to individual student’s requirements.

Taster Days

Year 10-13

Designed to motivate & inspire our taster days offer a one-off or series of one day visits to an employer to find out what a chosen profession is like.

I was given the opportunity to learn about the importance of a business maintaining an effective and efficient system. I felt that it’s benefited me greatly in my career path decision making.” Oliver, Mercedes-Benz placement

Contact us

Contact our Work Experience Team, for a chat about the support and services we can provide to your school/college and your students.
Phone: 01635 279277 or email us

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