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We are launching Hi-Tech Horizons to provide your business with a straightforward, hassle-free way to engage with and inspire our future workforce.

Hi-Tech Horizons is an innovative hands-on programme bringing businesses into schools, at critical times, to showcase hi-tech careers that students might not have considered or even know exist! Together we will reach 50,000 students in 5 years.

We will help you to raise awareness of your sector and the opportunities within it in a way that is understandable to young people, influences their career choices and helps them develop important, relevant work-related skills.

Be part of something BIG

We are looking for businesses to help fund this initiative and be part of this amazing opportunity, helping you to:

  • promote yourself as a business that is actively making a difference to inspire our future workforce.
  • raise your profile with and attract future employees and potential customers.
  • provide flexible volunteering and development opportunities for your employees.
  • fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives

As the winds of change sweep across our whole country, and the availability of talent from abroad may be restricted; let’s not sit idly by and bemoan the lack of enthusiastic youngsters applying to our companies, which are the best in the world, and where Britain needs to excel and had every opportunity to do so – let’s do something about it!

Alex Tatham, Managing Director at Westcoast and a Hi-Tech Horizons Ambassador

Our reach is only limited by our funding, be part of us collectively achieving something BIG…

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