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What is interview preparation?

Our interview preparation and practice workshops equip young people in Years 10- 13 with the skills and knowledge they need for future job interviews.

These popular workshops engage students and help them to understand:

  • Good and bad interview techniques
  • First impressions
  • Body language
  • Skills and qualities businesses look for
  • Their own personal qualities and how to articulate these on CVs and application forms

Business volunteers from a cross-section of organisations help to deliver these sessions, share their expertise and enable students to take part in practice interviews. These interviews give students the chance to put their new skills into practice with business professionals in a supportive and familiar environment. Business volunteers give students constructive feedback and discuss ways to improve further.

47% of students said they had increased their confidence in having an interview by over 50%

93% of business volunteers said they felt they had made a significant difference to young people

To help even one person understand that they have relevant skills is worth the time invested.”

Business Volunteer

I feel like I can now appropriately and successfully handle a job interview.”

Student from The Downs School

Contact us

To find out more about how you can support our interview preparation workshops as a Business volunteer or to arrange sessions for students at your school/college, please get in touch. Phone: 01635 279206 or email us

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