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What is the Take a Chance Programme?

The Take a Chance programme is one of our flagship, coaching and mentoring, programmes designed to develop young peoples’ skills. The programme inspires and motivates students to fulfil their potential for success in school and beyond.

Students take part in 5 all-day workshops and 6 school buddy sessions, covering areas such as:

  • Working with others
  • Learning styles
  • Presenting for impact
  • Time management
  • Positive thinking

The programme is in its 11th year and is fully sponsored by the Vodafone Foundation. Up to 60 students in year 10 and 11 are selected from schools, across West Berkshire, and supported by Vodafone Business Buddies helping them grow in confidence as they practise and develop life and work-related skills.

Take a Chance makes a significant difference to both the students and Vodafone buddies who participate:

93% of student alumni surveyed strongly agree that TaC made a positive difference to their lives

92% of buddies said involvement in the programme made their working life more fulfilling through making a difference

Well done to Cohort 11 for completing the Take a Chance Programme. A total of 56 students were coached and mentored over a year of workshops to inspire, motivate and help them fulfil their potential. We wish you all future success!

“The Take a Chance programme is one of the best I have seen in my time in the Corporate world. The students are fully involved in learning the soft skills they will need to support them in their future endeavours. They have shown the strength and courage it takes from day 1 to the end of the course and the growth they go through is beautiful to watch, they flourish, just like a butterfly. I found the experience truly rewarding and it does help me as an employee in development of my soft skills with my peers and management team. I would strongly recommend this training is rolled out to our employees also as a reminder to us to use those skills we do not often use.”

Vodafone Business Buddy

“Take a Chance set me up for a lot of things after school than I initially expected. Before I took part in the programme I was incredibly shy and lacked any self-confidence, as soon as it finished I was bubbly, I felt more confident and more myself. It set me up many skills for the workplace including interviews, business meetings and creating relationships with key partners. I would recommend the programme to anyone and everyone, it truly was a life changing experience.”


Contact us

To find out more about our Take a Chance programme and how we can help your business, school or college inspire and motivate our future workforce, please contact Helen Roy.

Phone: 01635 279210  or email us

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